«A non-scary book on life, death, and everything in-between» (Ukrainian edition)

Anastasiya Leukhina


A book about living after bad news from hospital. It contains reccomendations of doctors and psychologists and real life stories.


250 UAH

Almost every family at some point faces a serious illness, an incurable diagnosis, or a stay in the intensive care unit. “Not a scary book at all” is about living in such circumstances. It consists of tips as well as real life stories and shows how to deal with things however they progress.

The book tells the reader how to cope after receiving bad news, how to communicate with a sick person, how to arrange home care and what to do if the person dies at home or in the intensive care unit, how to relieve pain, how to help children get through the illness or death of a person close to them, and how to take care of themselves when their loved ones are sick.

“Not a scary book at all” will be useful, first of all, to the patients’ families.

It will also help nursing staff to communicate with patients. We will distribute a number of copies of this book to the hospitals, free of charge, so that the medical staff could give it to patients and their families.

Finally, this book is relevant to everyone: in order to cope with one’s own fears or to know in advance what to do.

The book excerpt

About the author of «Not a scary book at all»

Anastasiya Leukhina has experienced 4 (four) deaths in her family, and her mother has been receiving palliative care for the last 15 years. Anastasiya has collected the experiences, helpful advice, and knowledge so as to give to the patients and their families the tools necessary for their survival in extremely stressful situations, when a person close to them is terminally ill or dying.

Anastasiya is known for coordinating her #letfamiliesintoicu which provided open access to the intensive care units across the country, and was recognised by the European Communication Summit as the Best Nonprofit Communication Team in 2017.

Anastasiya is a professor at the Kyiv School of Economics, and the founder of NGO «Horizontals» and the project «Educational Experiment».

Feedback of those who have read the book

How to support the book release

The Project Team is already preparing the Ukrainian version for print. We will receive it from the printing office in spring 2020. Then, a part of the print run will be available for purchase, and part of it will be distributed to hospitals and hospices so that the patients can receive it free of charge.

We will also publish a digital version of the book in Russian and English.

We have received funding from The International Renaissance Foundation, the International Women’s Club of Kyiv, and from a number of private individuals. That is a sufficient amount of money to pay for a limited run of the Ukrainian edition.

You can support the book release:

  1. Pre-order a book for yourself or your friends.
  2. Pay for a number of copies for a hospital.
  3. Donate to the project, whatever amount you can afford.

We also welcome other types of support:

  1. help and ideas about how to increase audience reach and find ways of advancing this project;
  2. assistance with project management and administrative tasks;
  3. help with distribution of the book;
  4. assistance in raising funds and establishing relationships with potential partners in Ukraine and in the CIS countries.

Questions, comments and words of support
can be sent to us via this form

Where can you get help?

You will find below the addresses and contacts of charity funds,
hospices, and hospitals which have palliative care departments.


Non-governmental organization “Horizontals” (NGO “Horizontals”)

NGO was established six years ago with the aim to provoke and accelerate changes, first of all, in the educational and medical sphere. Why “Horizontals”? Because everybody can do a lot, but the community of like-minded people is able to move the mountains. A strong community starts from development of horizontal connections, that means – horizontals.

Among our projects there’s the main ones are:

  • “Educational experiment” – annual camps for the families and teachers, and advocacy campaign on diversity promotion in education
  • Advocacy campaign #letmeinthereanimation, within which we managed to form a coalition and to achieve the right to stay in the intensive care unit round the clock near the close person
  • Extensive investigation of the open intensive care practice and communicational campaign about the significance of the presence of relatives in the intensive care unit;
  • Series of a pilot trainings on communication among patients and medical workers for doctors, etc.;
  • We are striving so as people would be in the focus of educational system and medicine. Different, special, sensitive, vulnerable. Our motto is – “We’re adding humanity”.

Education Experiment – https://www.facebook.com/EdExperiment/
Horizontals. The Medicine – https://www.facebook.com/gorizontali/
E-mail of the NGO “Horizontals” – goryzontali@gmail.com

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